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It was, of course, not in doubt, not once.  As we run down the clock to The Big Cat Show Safari,  the excitement is palpable, tangible even.

From the wide, wild, wilderness of the Meru National Park where the lions Elsa and Christian roam freely, home to Joy and George of Born Free movie to glamour and drama of the picturesque Laikipia. To thick of things in the foot hill of Abardere National Park, here we shall rock it in the literal sense of the word.

The pink Lake of the Great Rift Valley awaits, With  bated breath,  pregnant with its wonders,  buzzing as ever,  the bird life here should be,  as always mind boggling.


Onwards and upwards we delve into the juggernaut that always stuns,  the giver that never stops giving.  Here we explore the vast expanse of the open Savannah where the rolling plains teams up with myriad of animals and plant species. Gigantic and minutes, fast and lethargic each feeling up their respective units in this puzzle,  that and more via Big Cat Show Safari.

Video clips,  check,  photos and posters check,  all nitty gritties done and dusted.  Wildlife Photographers from top most echelons of the game have signed up for this one,  only two slots remaining.



We are big and ready,  look,  it promises to be a real show,  a proper show,  a super show,  This Is Big Cat Show Safari.  It’s on starting on February 4th through to February 15th, 2019.

You miss this one at your own peril.

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  1. Wagura
    | Reply

    Should be a cracker this one.
    Hoping for many more, moving forward.
    Onwards and upwards.

  2. Kiarie Mathaga
    | Reply

    This is the biggest big cat show ever in the making! Counting down eagerly! #Bigcatshowsafari

  3. Elmar
    | Reply

    My mouth is watering… Can´t wait to start the Big Cat Show Safari!!!

  4. Kelvin karugendo
    | Reply

    The magesty of the canines… cant wait.

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